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Auto Accidents Needs Immediate Attention

Auto Accidents Needs Immediate Attention

What to do After Auto Accidents?

With our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, most of us have a tendency to ignore certain things and move forward.  Unfortunately, this thinking applies after minor automobile accidents, “where most of people think that it is just a small jolt”.

In reality, due to a variety of factors such as shock or adrenaline rush, most of us may not know the severity of the injury.

While the injured party may be thinking about many things such as taking half an hour making an assessment of the damages, exchanging insurance information, being late to home or work; the fact is that a seemingly small injury from an automobile accident can have long lasting complications to our bodies.

Unfortunately, men in particular are more hesitant in seeking medical care of “minor injuries”  thinking they’ll just heal.  Some of these men have transmitted this teaching into sports also, where a majority of athletes are taught, “walk it off and get back in the game.”

Treating auto accident injuries should the most important thing after the details of the accident is taken care of. If you had an auto accident, here are some post-accident signs identified by doctors which should not be ignored.

Shoulder and neck pain

Shoulder and neck pain or stiffness are delayed signs of whiplash. Major whiplash injuries are caused due to rear-end crashes happened at below 12 m/h. This need immediate treatment as proper diagnose requires CT scan, X-rays and MRI.

Back pain

An auto accident may also result in back pain. It happened due to injuries to nerves, ligaments and back muscles. This also indicates damage to the vertebrae.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is identified as a symptom of brain injury, typically concussion. Though, it has a tendency to become a serious traumatic brain injury. If one has trouble in focusing, double sighting, light sensitivity or difficulty in reading after an auto crash, he needs to get checked immediately.


Headaches usually happen by bouncing off the head to the headrest. It may arise many days after an accident and a symptom of concussion or serious neck or head injury.


Numbness of hands and arms is another indicator of whiplash as well as probably damage of the spinal column.

Personality changes

Personality changes may be the result of traumatic brain injury. Other symptoms include depression, and impaired vision, hearing, memory, thinking, or motor control.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It is a type of psychological injury that is caused after an auto accident. The sufferers of PTSD may have intense, troubling memories of an auto accident or the reoccurring dreams and flashbacks.

Abdomen swelling or pain

The abdomen pain or swelling can be a symptom of an internal bleeding, which can also a life-threatening state. It can be unnoticed for days or hours. Some signs relating to internal bleeding involve fainting, dizziness and purple bruising. When an auto accident victim has abdominal swelling or pain after wreck then he must seek emergency aid immediately.

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