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Low back pain

Low back pain is a serious issue that many people suffer from.

Perhaps you have had an experience dealing with debilitating low back pain that renders you helpless.

Millions of people suffer from low back pain and they don’t know what to do to alleviate their pain.

There are a number of commercials for drugs that mask the underlying cause of low back pain.

People who see these advertisements unknowingly think that taking an over-the-counter medication is going to solve their low back pain problem.

Sadly many people poison themselves by taking medications that harm their liver and kidneys with prolonged usage.

Whenever you or someone else you know suffers from low back pain, treat the pain at the source don’t just cover it up with medications.

Chiropractic is the best option and in my opinion the number one choice for getting rid of low back pain.

If you have any questions or know of anyone that can use great chiropractic service in Tallahassee, FL contact me at 850-402-9061.

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Dr. Elton Powell

Dr. Powell graduated from the University of West Florida receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science.

I always had a passion to help people live a healthy and happy lifestyle. In May of 2015, I opened Dynamic Medical Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

One of my key components is to strive to provide safe, gentle, and effective treatments by utilizing the latest technology chiropractic has to offer.